Jaime Brenkus

Anyone who was around in the 90s will remember the original 8-Minute Abs Guy – Jaime Brenkus.

Now in his late 50s, Jaime has set his sights on the boomer generation, offering easy-to-understand, effective exercises that fit right into the Evergreen Wellness mold of achievable fitness goals.


jaime brenkus instructing two women to exercise


Over three decades, Jaime has helped millions of people around the world lose millions of pounds and inches.

He is a fitness advocate for the President's Challenge; author of Get Lean in 15; creator of 8 Minute Abs, Slim & FIT, and Perfect Portions; and designer of Slim-Fast and Kathy Ireland's award winning videos, Body Specifics and Reach.



Jaime Brenkus on Dr. Oz


Watch Jaime workout with Dr. Oz on the nationally-televised program »


jaime brenkus on Dr. Oz

Jaime on the Radio


Learn What Millions of People Already Know

Jaime Brenkus is the coach and personal trainer that people have trusted for nearly 30 years to provide proven, effective strategies for living your best life of physical wellness. He is living proof that his programs work.


27 Million Views and Counting

A YouTube video posted by a Jaime Brenkus fan in 2006 proves the enduring popularity of Jaime Brenkus fitness innovations. Even more than a decade after Jaime's 8-minute workout series took the nation's fitness world by storm, his original 8-Minute Abs YouTube video has scored more than 26 million views on YouTube!


Like Most Baby Boomers, You May Not be Interested in Getting 6-Pack Abs, But ...

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