BONUS: Baila! – Latin Dance-Inspired Workouts


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Baila!™ (pronounced “bi'-luh”) is Spanish for “Dance!”

Baila!™ teaches the basic steps of popular Latin dances to make fitness fun! 

Burn calories to the passionate moves of Salsa, Merengue, Cha-Cha, Pasodoble, and Samba in the comfort of your own home. What’s more, no equipment, no dance experience – or even a dance partner – are required. Enjoy these dance workouts on your own or with a group of friends!

Baila Dance Fitness

Ideal for active adults (or really people of all ages), this low-impact, high-energy fitness program consists of five 20-minute dance-inspired workout videos, you can enjoy again and again!

Are you ready to lose inches and pounds – and improve balance and posture – while increasing strength, coordination, and stability?

Then get ready to Baila!

“It was impossible for me to stop smiling during this workout (once I got the hang of the steps, which did not take long). SOOO much fun to dance and get exercise while having fun. I love the different styles of dance, and the explanations are really clear. I would recommend this to anyone, even if you have never danced a step of Latin dance in your life!” – Nina K.

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Join classically-trained ballet and ballroom dancer Nestor Garcia (along with his wife Amanda) as he guides you through this one-of-a kind dance-fitness experience. Baila!

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